The Records

Understanding the available sources of information is the first step in tracing your ancestry.

The Census Returns

Taken every ten years since 1801 help us to piece together our ancestor's progress through time and can be used as a Station in time. At these junctions of time the frameworks of their lives are laid bare for us to learn and interpret.

Civil Registration

Started in 1837, civil registration offers us another station in our family's fortunes. It is interesting to think that at these fixed points in time when Birth, Marriage or Burials are recorded, that these often provided the catalysis for change.

Old register

The Parish Registers

These hold the key to a much older door in time. These fascinating documents offer a fascinating insight into the Personal, Civil and Religious life of our Ancestors.

Other Records

There are many other records and documents worthy of investigation, Trade Directories, Vestry Records, Tithe Maps, Newspapers etc, and various other genealogical indexes, all with vital clues to your heritage.

We at the Time Machine have experience with them all, having taught and researched them many times over.

We also offer personal tuition and guidance in researching your own family tree. This can take the form of personal consultations and or guidance in the local archives.

If you are not based locally, personal consultation and guidance is available over the telephone.

Although Welsh family history is our speciality we can research records in many other parts of the U.K.

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Extract from register of DeathsLlangathen parish register - 1789