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St Ishmael's parish registerSt Ishmael's parish register

Genealogical research

At the Time Machine our aim is to breathe life into your ancestry and give the best professional personal service available. We have 20 years' experience in family history research and cover many different aspects of genealogical research. Our research is always meticulous, thorough and well presented. The Time Machine deals with up-to-date on-line resources and can provide you with a bespoke family tree drawn to your own specifications.

Local and Family History Tours and Research

We differ from many other genealogical researchers in that we deal with local history as well as genealogy. Local history helps get the meat-on-the-bones of your ancestors (excuse the pun), the context of their lives, the places they grew up in. These are all vital factors in understanding your family background. We provide local and family history tours "tailor made" to suit your own individual family (or group's) interests; taking in churches, chapels, homes, schools and exploring the wider historical and cultural landscape of your Welsh ancestors. We can even arrange accommodation for you if required.

Personal Tuition

There is a wide array of personal tuition packages available. This can take the form of personal tuition in your home if you live locally, or online via skype, or WhatsApp if not. Please contact me for more details of this service.

Greg with Paul DanielsGreg filming with the magician Paul Daniels

Broadcasting Consultant

I am available for radio or television interviews on all aspects of local history, writing fiction and genealogy. I have appeared on a number of television series as a researcher and broadcasted tips and advice on researching family trees and history in general on the radio.

Victorian and Edwardian photograph dating service

Many people have black and white family photographs from the Victorian and Edwardian period. It can be very frustrating not knowing when these photographs were taken or who the people in them are. The Time Machine will provide you with an indication (usually within 5 years) of the year the photograph was taken.

Photographic Services

Photographic services are available for anyone wishing a photograph of a Church, Grave or any other place of specific interest.